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BlackwaterLabs seeks to clear the fog lingering over past battles, brushing aside the debris lurking from wars fought before our time.. Envisioning a force so powerful that once led up and onto no-mans land, is able to conquer all opposing forces.

BWL is an all-in-one, military grade blockchain solution for those wishing to invest in blockchain technology, whether that be through developer distribution or user consumption. BWL offers up a plethora of tools aimed at helping users invest in tokens, create individual Bot solutions, or browse through pre-existing, BWL Approved Bots.

Combining Values & Versatility

BWL is dedicated to offering supreme innovation and exceedingly exceptional user experiences, with a primary goal being individual user success. Through our observation of those who have come before us, we have built the very best assets now available in order to increase each users probability at success, whether through the consumption or creation of Crypto products.

Through merging user experience, individual user success, faultless technology and high quality products, one can arrive at the values which encapsulate everything that is done at Blackwater labs. BWL aims to enrich the blockchain universe and offer opportunity for demonopolisation, allowing anyone the ability to create or consume at the highest possible level.

Equipped for Consumption

In a space preoccupied by saturation, key competitors holding majority market share are limited to only a few. BWL aims to change this by demonopolising both the creation and consumption of crypto product through easy-to-use, widely available, cost effective assets built around re-purposing individual trading experiences.

These assets include:

M24 BWL Sniper:

Supreme accuracy, undeniable efficiency and unequivocal reliability, Blackwater Labs M24 Sniper Bot is the best in the business.

A Trading Sniper capable of out pacing all available competitors on raw, unprecedented speed. Modulate the aggressiveness of each transaction through BWL’s bribing system.

M16 Swap Bot:

Designed for maximum speed, minimal confusion, BWL’s M16 Swap Bot is fast firing, easy-to-use and incredibly reliable. Boasting an extensive list of functions and protective characteristics, users can consume-safe with BWL’s M16 Swap Bot.

Enigma Mixer:

Secrecy is paramount, It is the foundation of any organisation operating in the extraction of classified information. As a member of Blackwater Labs, your identity must remain hidden.

Our Enigma Mixer enables 100% anonymity when extracting assets at one of the cheapest rates available, all operational through Telegram. Intertwining usability with convenience, there has never been a better anonymous swap provider.

Demonopolisation begins at The Lab

In a universe controlled by those with the strongest assets, allowing individual success takes meeting individuals needs.

Whether the request is corporate or personal, The Lab seeks to offer a Bot Creation service for those unable to build alone. By arming otherwise unarmed individuals with the latest technological advancements and seamless innovation moulded directly through their personal experiences and strategy, distribution of power begins to slide more central, enabling decentralisation.

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