๐ŸงชHow it works

Blackwater Labs offers a first of its kind service that enables all eligible users the opportunity to have their own bot built by the highly experienced Blackwater Labs Developers, AKA, The Lab Rats.

Whether the request is corporate or personal, The Lab seeks to offer a Bot Creation service for those unable to build alone. By arming customers with the latest technological advancements and seamless innovation moulded directly through their personal experiences and strategy, distribution of power begins to slide more central, enabling decentralisation.

From Inception to Completion

In order to verify your eligibility for our Bot Creation facility, each user must fulfil key requirements listed in The Lab's application process.

To begin, simple follow the instructions within our specialised Application Bot and send through your custom proposal. The BWL Lab team will subsequently evaluate your request and send back a quote.

Once the quote has been accepted by the Customer, payment will be required with a number of discounts available to those boasting Tier 1/2 Status. These include:

-Tier 1: Bot creation service - 20% Discount

-Tier 2: Bot creation service - 10% Discount

Users can also enjoy a 15% additional discount if they choose to pay for this service via our native currency, $BWL.

Once an application is accepted, The Lab will begin building your order. Once completed, you will be offered your product with full instruction on it's use, alongside personalised tutorials. Additionally, each successful applicant will be provided with a dedicated Lab Rat ready and able to help with any troubleshooting.

The Lab Store

Once a customers Bot has been built it will be listed on The Lab Store. The Lab Store is an easy-to-use, Bot marketplace that allows wider audiences the chance to explore and use all the bleeding-edge technology stemming from The Lab. Customers will be given two options when it comes to listing their Custom-Built Bots:

1) List your Bot in a 'view only' mode. This allows the customer to retain the market advantage afforded to them via the creation of their Bot.

2)List your Bot as accessible to everyone for a fee upon use. The allocated fee will be determined upon evaluation from The Lab and will be based on the potential applicability of the Bot to the wider market. Once a fee has been agreed and the custom-built Bot listed, the original owner will have the potential to profit from the revenue generated by their Bot.

To begin the process of building your very own custom Bot, visit @BlackWaterLabs_bot on Telegram and fill out The Labs' request form.

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