How to Swap

  1. To initiate your anonymous swap and begin cloaking your identity, head to @EnigmaBWL_bot on Telegram and type /Start, followed by /Mix.

  1. To continue select the Token you wish to send from the options provided. If your Token is not on the options provided, simply type in the Tokens Ticker.

  1. Once you have chosen the Token you wish to swap, you will be prompted to select which Token you wish to receive. Simply select from the options provided, or type in your Tokens Ticker.

  1. Now that the Token has been successfully detected, you must input the amount you wish to send as a numerical value.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be sending '1' Token.

  1. Once the send amount has been input, you will be prompted to send the destination address. Once done, a recap is provided to easily display your order. If everything is correct, it is time to 'Confirm and Create Order'.

  1. The order has been successfully created and a corresponding Order ID has been provided. If you wish to automatically complete your order with a Wallet already connected to Enigma, click 'Proceed to Transfer'. If you wish to manually complete the order, with any wallet of your choice, simply send the transfer amount to the Wallet address provided.

Once your order transaction has been complete, Enigma will anonymously swap your Tokens, with no additional input required. Once the Tokens are swapped, they will land into your destination address, with no trace of their origin.

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