Sniping with M24

Sniping a Contract Address with Bribing and Auto-Sell functionality included

  1. To initiate your transaction, head into @M24BWL_bot and type /Start.

  1. Our M24 Sniper is now primed and waiting for you to submit a Contract Address, nothing else is needed at this point.

If you are yet to create a wallet, simply click 'My Wallet' and you will be redirected to our SwapBot for Wallet implementation. Learn more at Creating your Wallet.

  1. Once you have submitted your Contract Address M24 will extract all relevant data (even if the Contract is not verified) and provide you with the Max Transaction alongside the method the Bot will use to Snipe the Token address. You now have 3 available options:

Buy Max Wallet: If selected, M24 will automatically buy a Max Wallet once Trading is opened.

Buy ETH Amount: If selected, you will be able to select the amount of ETH you wish to use to Snipe once Trading is opened, allowing for budget allocation or manual investment.

Buy % Supply: If selected, you will be able to buy a set custom percentage of Tokens once Trading is opened.

For the purpose of this tutorial we will be buying 0.01 ETH

  1. Once your preferred method of buying is selected, it is time to select the amount of ETH you wish to use to bribe the validator. This allows you the chance to modulate the aggressiveness of your investment strategy. The more you bribe, the more competitive your trade will be.

  1. Once your bribe amount has been submitted, you will be presented with a recap of your buy request, allowing for quick preview prior to submission. At this point you are presented with 4 options:

A)Sell after X Blocks: If selected allows you the ability to sell at a specific number of Blocks following your transaction.

B)Sell at Fixed Marketcap: If selected M16 will auto-sell at your desired MarketCap, allowing for risk adverse trading and effortless profit taking.

C)Sell at X%: Allows you to select what profit percentage you wish to hit before the auto-sell function is actioned.

D)Confirm Sniping without Auto-Sell: This option confirms your buy request without the addition of a sell request. Aimed at those wishing to buy and manually sell at a later time.

For the purpose of this tutorial we have decided to Confirm Sniping without Auto-Sell. Our Sniper is now ready to snipe the submitted Token Address upon open Trading.

If a user wishes to sell, they must go back to BWL's M16 Swap Bot and sell their Tokens there. To read about how to Sell via our M16 SwapBot, click here.

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